NEWS / Source: The Daily Star / Thursday, 22nd January, 2015

Abdel-Hakim Abu Jamus has just given his last shekels to his daughter for school and has nothing left to feed his family of eight.

NEWS / Source: Ma'an News / Thursday, 22nd January, 2015

Israeli conduct during last summer's war in the Gaza Strip increased the number of civilian casualties, an independent report said.

NEWS / Source: Middle East Monitor / Thursday, 22nd January, 2015

74-year-old Palestinian woman Ghalya Abu-Rida being given water by Israeli troops, minutes before she was executed.

NEWS / Source: The Independent / Tuesday, 20th January, 2015

Senator Lindsey Graham said existing US legislation 'would cut off aid to the Palestinians if they filed a complaint'.

NEWS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Thursday, 15th January, 2015

There was an air of excitement at the Energy Australia Stadium in Newcastle, as Palestine participated in their first game against reigning champions Japan.

NEWS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Thursday, 15th January, 2015

The 1.8 million Palestinians living in Gaza are facing the worst winter in decades, with snowfalls bringing freezing conditions.