NEWS / Source: Ma'an News / Friday, 29th August, 2014

50 days of fighting in and around the Gaza Strip has cost the lives of nearly 500 children, but it has also turned hundreds into orphans.

NEWS / Source: Ma'an News / Thursday, 28th August, 2014

Israeli forces on Thursday declared the Nablus village of Madama a closed military zone, citing security reasons, witnesses said.

NEWS / Source: Al Arabiya / Tuesday, 26th August, 2014

Messi said as a father he was saddened by images coming from the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

NEWS / Source: The Independent / Tuesday, 26th August, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge adapted in solidarity with Gazans whose homes have been destroyed in conflict.

NEWS / Source: Guardian / Tuesday, 26th August, 2014

The British film-maker wants an ‘absolute boycott of all the cultural happenings supported by the Israeli state’.

NEWS / Source: MEMO / Friday, 22nd August, 2014

Israel started construction on hundreds of housing units in the West Bank and Jerusalem since its assault on the Gaza Strip began in July.