Gaza man who lost his legs cleans cars to support family

NEWS / Posted by Friends of Al-Aqsa / Tuesday, 03rd July, 2012

Without legs, and with only one working eye and arm, Ibrahim Abu Thraya has not given up.

Once a fisherman working on the Gaza shores, he was hit by an Israeli rocket in December 2008 during Israel's war on the coastal enclave.

Abu Thraya was with seven friends when the rocket struck; he was the only survivor.

Despite his disabilities, Abu Thraya works cleaning cars on the streets of Gaza to support his 11-member family.

Every morning he rides his wheelchair from al-Shati refugee camp to solicit cleaning work, often bringing back just five to 10 shekels ($1.30 - $2.60).

His father also suffers from disabilities and is unable to take a job, while his mother has a chronic illness that leaves him as the only breadwinner for the family. 

Abu Thayra's mother told Ma'an her son is in constant pain due to the intensity of his work, expressing hope that he may one day find work that suits his disabilities.

He works morning until night to make a little money to feed the family, she said.

Meanwhile Abu Thraya said he dreams of being able to afford an electric wheelchair and artificial limbs. 

"No one feels what I feel ... Life is very difficult," he said. "I hope that someone will feel that I am a human being and need help."

Source: Ma'an News

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