Top Three News of the Week - 14th June 2012

NEWS / Posted by Friends of Al-Aqsa / Thursday, 14th June, 2012

Cantona and Kanouté call for Release of Mahmoud Sarsak

A letter signed by Eric Cantona calling for the release of Palestinian footballer, Mahmoud Sarsak has been sent to Sports Minister Hugh Robertson and UEFA President Michel Platini.



Friends of Al-Aqsa


Israel Admits it Revoked Residency Rights of a Quarter Million Palestinians

Israel stripped more than 100,000 residents of Gaza and some 140,000 residents of the West Bank of their residency rights during the 27 years between its conquest of the territories in 1967 and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994.



Gaza Flotilla Raid Comes Back to Haunt Netanyahu

The Israeli decision-making process before the raid which led to nine Turkish deaths at sea aboard the Gaza-bound vessel Mavi Marmara in May 2010 had "essential and significant flaws", a government report has found.




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