Israel's latest atrocity in Gaza has led to thousands of you asking what you can do to help. FOA has put together a guide on a number of different campaigns.

The boycott of illegal settlement produce is becoming established. However, there is now also a move to boycott Israeli produce too, as Israeli companies have been found to breach EU food labelling regulations by labelling settlements goods as ‘produce of Israel’.

Sainsbury’s source dates from Israeli company Mehadrin which grows dates in illegal Israeli settlements. If you shop at Sainsbury's, lobby the giant supermarket.

Consumer boycott is probably the best known type of boycott. It allows individuals to take control of their spending power and abstain from buying products which are either from Israel or contribute to Israel’s economy which maintains helps maintain the Occupation.

Tell our government to 'Stop Arming Israel', sign the petition to hand in to Hugh Robertson, Minister for Middle East.

Please use the template letter below to ask your MP to sign EDM 250.

Over 1,800 Palestinians killed so far have been mainly innocent civilians, women and children. Ask your MP what their position is on Palestine.

UK PM, David Cameron called Israeli PM and "reiterated the UK's staunch support for Israel" and he strongly condemned the 'appalling attacks being carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians'.

We ask our supporters to write to the Ambassador of Saudia Arabia to draw his attention to some of the activities of British security company G4S, who Saudi Arabia are using to manage the annual Hajj crowds.